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Once Upon a “Pacha”…

Pacha Kava: A Sanctuary of Timeless Harmony

A Commitment Carved from Ethics and Earth:
Our beverages tell Earth’s stories, harvested ethically and sustainably.

A Journey of Education and Discovery:
Explore ancient wisdom and modern insight, fostering balance and connection.

An Elixir of Relaxation and Revelry:
Experience joy and rejuvenation in an atmosphere infused with laughter and natural delights. Welcome to Pacha Kava: A journey of connection, harmony, and community, enriched by diverse traditions and heartfelt hospitality.

About Us

Welcome to Pacha Kava, your serene retreat nestled at 910 Barton Blvd Unit 2 in Rockledge, Florida. At Pacha Kava, we invite you to unwind in our tranquil lounge, where every sip is an invitation to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our establishment specializes in serving herbal botanical teas, including the renowned kava and exotic tea. Crafted with care and expertise, our beverages offer a unique blend of flavors and calming effects that elevate your experience to new heights.

Beyond our delightful menu, Pacha Kava is more than just a bar; it’s a social hub where connections are forged and friendships are cultivated. Whether you’re seeking a moment of solace or craving vibrant conversations, our inviting atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful interactions.

Conveniently located in Rockledge, Florida, Pacha Kava is your go-to destination for a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Join us and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, community, and herbal delights.

Our Mission Statement:
Pacha Kava is a sanctuary of healing and community, born from the heart of our recovery journey. Embracing the nuturing spirit of Mother Earth, we serve up earthly elixirs with love and intention. Together, we create a space for growth, connection, and support, while giving back to the world around us. Our mission is to inspire change, one sip at a time, as we celebrate the power of resilience and our shared humanity.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Sunday
9:00 AM – 12:00 AM

910 Barton Blvd Unit 2 in Rockledge, Florida

For Adults Only: Kava and Kanna Products for 18+ and Exotic Teas for 21+!

Kava Offerings:

Traditional Kava (White Sand) In-house - 8oz: $4 / 16oz: $7

Bananner - In-house: 8oz: $5 / 16oz: $8

Sunshine Sipper - In-house: 8oz: $5 / 16oz: $8

Kava Choco Nut - In-house: 8oz: $5 / 16oz: $8

Orange Dream Mocktail - Botanical Brewing (tap): 16 oz $7.00

Orange Dream Mocktail 12 oz can - Botanical Brewing: $8.00

Kava Isolate Shot "Tutti Frutti" Botanical Brewing: $7.00

Swamp Shooter - In-house: $7.00


Coffee - $3.00

Espresso - $3.50

Latte - $4.75

Cappuccino - $4.50

Cortado - $4.25

Americana - $4.00

Cold Brew Coffee 16 oz can - $5.00

Nightingale's Latte - $5.00

Exotic Tea Creations:

Solar Flare / White Vein (Unsweetened) In-house 16oz - $6.00

Flower Power / Green Vein (Unsweetened) In-house 16oz - $6.00

Crimson Remedy / Red Vein (Unsweetened) In-house 16oz - $6.00

Pep Potion / White Vein (Fruit Sweetened) In-house 16 oz - $6.00

Achiever's Blend / Green Vein (Fruit Sweetened) In-house 16 oz - $6.00

Harmony Healer / Red Vein (Fruit Sweetened) In-house 16 oz - $6.00

Exotic Kombucha Living Vitalitea 16 oz - $6.00

Tiki Apple Mocktail / Green Vein Botanical Brewing 16 oz - $7.00

Blueberry Lemonade Mocktail/Red Vein Botanical Brewing 16oz - $7.00

Island Breeze / White Vein Botanical Brewing 16 oz - $7.00

Enchanted Elixir In-house - $7.00

Specialty Drinks:

Pomegranate Fusion Kanna Botanical Brewing 12 oz can: $8.00

Black Cherry Mood Recess Mocktail 12 oz can: $7.00

Hibiscus and Lime Psychadelic Water 12 oz can: $7.00

Eloisey Squeezy Lemonade - In-house: $2.00

Big Dog Kombucha:

Strawberry Yaupon - $6.00

Liquid Sunshine - $6.00

Kava Kombucha - $8.00

Botanical Beer - $8.00

Other Drinks & Add-ons:

Box Water - $3.00

Coconut Water - $1.50

Revelry Craft Sodas - $3.00

Yerba Mate - $5.00

Liquid Death - $3.00

Lunar Goddess Tea In-house: $3.00

Simple syrup $0.50 / Honey $0.50 / Agave $0.50 / Half & Half $0.50 / Whole milk $0.50 / Almond Milk $0.50 / Coconut Milk $0.50 / Flavored Creamer $0.50

Embrace the Essence: Where Relaxation Meets Adventure!
At Rockledge FL's very own Pacha Kava

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